EnglishEssay on Autobiography of A Car

Essay on Autobiography of A Car

Autobiography of A Car Essay in English

Essay on Autobiography of A Car: I am a five-seater Mercedes car. I was born in a big factory. I was assembled by many mechanics and engineers and my parts came from various factories. I am made of steel, iron, rubber, fiberglass, and canvas. In this essay, you will find an autobiography of a car. You can also find more Essay Writing articles about events, people, sports, technology, and many other things.

300 Words Essay on Autobiography of A Car for Students

I am a new Mercedes-Benz. A lot of mechanics and engineers put me together. Different parts of me came from different factories. I run on petrol.

Essay on Autobiography of A Car

I was put in a showroom with some other cars as soon as I was born.

There, I stayed for a few days, and a lot of people came to see me. At last, someone liked me enough to bring me home. After he paid, he took me away, which made me feel great. My owner was a young business executive who treated me well.

Mr. Bansal, a businessman with a store on the main street, bought me. When I was young, I was pretty, and Mr. Sunil was very happy for me. He used to clean me every day by himself by brushing, waxing, and washing me.

Before he took me to work every day, he made sure I was clean and washed. After about a year, he decided to sell me because he was going to live abroad.

He sold me after a year because he was leaving the country. My new boss wasn’t very nice. He was mean to me. He drove quickly and without care. I got a lot of cuts and bruises. Because of this, my looks got worse, and I started to look old and ugly.

When my new master was behind the wheel, all he thought about was going fast. He never did anything nice for me. He made me make a lot of noise.

One time, he was drunk and drove me very quickly and dangerously. On a sharp turn, we came across an accident. My master was hurt very badly. He had many broken bones.

I was really hurt. My wounds were too bad to heal. I had to be towed, and they put me in the back of the bungalow. I’m sad, old, and rusty as I stand here in the rain or the sun. I want to die quickly.

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