The Modern Girl Essay

The Modern Girl Essay

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The Modern Girl Essay

The Modern Girl is a joy forever and a model of beauty. All young eyes are drawn to her, and they all admire her. She is being watched by everyone. A contemporary girl is really stylish. She wears lipstick, perfume, oracle, creams, powders, and other cosmetics without restriction. She has the same style as a Hollywood actress.

She is bright and energetic. She dresses in fashionable attire. She dresses up with makeup. She utilizes scented powder and scents. She is stylish and educated. She’s learned how to behave properly. She speaks openly with males and other people. On buses, trains, and aircraft, she travels by herself. She is not nearly as afraid of anyone as she was a few years ago. She has received this because of her schooling.

A modern woman chooses her spouse on her own. Without her permission, her parents are no longer able to marry her off. She occasionally picks her own life companion. There are a lot of love marriages today. She turns down suitors who request dowries. She now understands the value and importance of her rights. She no longer lives a luxurious lifestyle.

The Modern Girl Essay

She works outside the home and stays at home. She takes care of her spouse and children after work hours. She carries out the responsibilities of a loving mother. She is aware of her obligations and does them properly. She has her own interests in her free time. She reads the books she wants to read, draws, and listens to music. She and her friends go on picnics. Every now and then, she takes her family to a restaurant. She enjoys eating contemporary cuisine.

She is entitled to equal rights under the Indian Constitution. She is a joint owner of her parent’s property. She runs for office and is appointed a minister. She contributes to the creation of policies for women. She joined the police department and now defends women against exploitation. She has sophisticated, mature thinking. She is no longer held captive by outdated customs and taboos. She doesn’t hold superstitions in high regard. She is not bashful or timid. She is able to address a crowd. She doesn’t have an inferiority complex or a fear complex. She reads picture books and novels. She enjoys tea, cookies, toffees, gatherings, and celebrations. She is outgoing. Wherever she travels, she has the ability to make friends.

Every young man dreams of having a modern girl. A young man nowadays wants to marry a contemporary woman rather than an outdated drudge. India needs educated women who can work alongside men and still prioritize their pleasure at home. The stability and prosperity of the home depend on them.

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