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What is the Full form of AJAX?

The AJAX full form is the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is not a technology, but rather a combination of technologies. It employs numerous web applications to produce a set of web design ideas. It functions on the client-side of asynchronous development tools. With the aid of AJAX, we may send and get information from the server asynchronously, i.e. without interrupting the currently displayed page.

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AJAX uses a mixture of

  • Built-in browser object XMLHttpRequest – To request data from a webserver
  • HTML DOM and JavaScript — To display or utilize data

By exchanging data with a web server in the background, AJAX enables asynchronous page updates. It indicates that portions of a web page can be updated without having to reload the full page.

History of AJAX

  • Historically, all web pages were generated using HTML exclusively.
  • These were difficult to use because it took a long time to reload the page each time.
  • Internet Explorer introduced the Iframe tag in 1996.
  • On February 18, 2005, Jesse James Garrett introduced the word AJAX in an essay titled “Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications.”

Application of AJAX

  • AJAX can be used with CSS and HTML for presentation purposes.
  • The DOM (Document Object Model) to display and interact with information in a dynamic manner.
  • JSON in addition to XML for Data Exchange
  • XMLHttpRequest for asynchronous communication.

Limitations of AJAX

  • It will only be implemented in browsers that support it.
  • Ajax does not support particular screen-reading techniques.
  • Some screen-reading techniques that support Ajax will still be unable to correctly read optimally created material.
  • It is difficult to bookmark and return to a given implementation state.
  • It leads to code that is difficult to maintain, debug, and write.

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