EnglishEssay on Pocket Money

Essay on Pocket Money

Pocket Money Essay in English

Essay on Pocket Money: “Pocket money” is the name for the money that parents give their kids to spend every month. Parents sometimes show their kids how to spend their money wisely. In this Essay on Pocket Money, we will talk about pocket money, the importance of pocket money, and the pros and cons of pocket money. You can also find more Essay Writing articles about events, people, sports, technology, and many other things.

500 Words Essay on Pocket Money for Students

Pocket money is money that parents give to their young children. Children who get pocket money learn how to handle money and, over time, they learn how important money is in their lives.

Essay on Pocket Money

If a parent is poor, they might not always give their kids pocket money. They do give, though, as often as they can. They give it out at events like fairs and festivals. My parents give me a lot of spending money.

It doesn’t work. From month to month, it changes. My dad works in business. When business is good and he’s in a good mood, he gives me a fat wallet as pocket money. I don’t spend all of my allowance.

I put some of it in my bank account as savings. I went to a nearby bank and opened a Savings Bank account. I like to play chess, so I buy books about it. I have a good number of books about the topic.

How important pocket money is

Children can learn how inflation works, how important investments are, how smart it is to save money, and how good it feels to be good with money. In the modern, globalized world, it’s important for younger people to learn things faster and be more resourceful and thrifty than older people.

Small amounts of pocket money given on a regular basis and adjusted for inflation once a year will go a long way toward achieving the goals above.

What are the advantages of getting pocket money?

There are a few good things about having pocket money. First of all, it can teach kids how to budget and how much money is worth. Second, it can help them save money for things or activities they want. Lastly, it can teach them to be responsible and let them choose how to spend their own money.

So, pocket money is a good way to teach your kids how to handle money if you’re looking for a way to do that. It can also teach them the value of waiting to get what they want and how to save money.

What are the disadvantages of getting pocket money?

There are some good things about giving kids pocket money, but there are also some bad things that could happen. First, it can make them spend money they don’t need to. Second, it might not be easy to fit into your family’s budget. Lastly, not giving children the same amount of money as their siblings can cause fights.

This means that you should think about the pros and cons of pocket money before making a decision. If you decide it’s right for your family, make sure to set clear rules about how the money can be spent. This will help your kids be smart with their money.

Should I just give my child pocket money or make them work for it?

This question has no right or wrong answer. Both ways have good points and bad points. If you give your child spending money, they will learn how to handle money and stick to a budget. But if you make them work for their pocket money, they will learn the value of hard work and the importance of waiting to get what they want. You should also remember that there are many ways to give your child a reward.

A good choice could be to use a combination of the two. For example, you could give them a small amount of pocket money each week and add to it if they do extra chores around the house. In addition to the other benefits, giving kids chores will teach them the value of money and how important it is to work hard.


Every child needs pocket money, so parents should follow these guidelines. Pocket money should never make your child sick or careless. She should always clean the rooms around her to earn money from her parents. Your child can learn a lot from pocket money!

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