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Liberty Is Not Anarchy Essay

Liberty Is Not Anarchy Essay

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Liberty Is Not Anarchy Essay

Here we discussed Liberty Is Not Anarchy Essay. Liberty means not being held back. It means you have a choice. But it’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean there are no rules or laws.

If that were true, it would lead to chaos and freedom, and it would be impossible to have friends. Man’s social nature implies that he needs to be careful. So, in its positive sense, liberty means that social life is set up so that each citizen has a chance to use his or her latent natural skills and abilities, allowing him or her to grow and develop as a person.

This means that each person should be given the chances he or she needs to grow and reach their full potential. So says Maclver. “There shouldn’t be any giving up, but rather the fulfillment of each person’s potential. There shouldn’t be a forced social order, but rather a free social order that fits each person’s inner nature.

A French philosopher once said, “I think, therefore I am.” This is a famous quote. When a person is at liberty, he or she is free to think, speak, and act as they choose. But that doesn’t mean he should go crazy and act in ways that hurt or upset other people. Even though there is no law that says you can’t carry a stick, that doesn’t mean you can use it to hit everyone.

Each person should be grateful for the freedom he has and not abuse it. That would be anarchy, which means there are no rules. Freedom of movement doesn’t mean you can walk into someone else’s house, freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say hurtful things, and freedom of action doesn’t mean you can hurt other people.

Liberty Is Not Anarchy Essay

This would mean making and keeping the material conditions of life that are needed for this to happen. So, in Laski’s words, “liberty is the enjoyment of rights.”

Since every citizen is the same, every citizen should have the same rights. So, equality must be a part of freedom. But equality doesn’t mean that everyone is the same; it just means that everyone has the same chances. Lord Acton and Tocqueville thought that freedom and equality were opposites.

But their conclusion is wrong because they don’t understand what equality means. As was already said, equality does not mean that everyone is treated the same way. The things men want can do, and need are all different. So, there can’t be the same treatment for everyone.

But what equality really means is that everyone has the same chances and that there are no differences based on caste, religion, birth, or class. Let every citizen have access to political power, economic freedom, and civil rights. Let no one suffer disabilities. If a citizen doesn’t have a vote, another person will have power over him. It would make him angry and upset.

Let him have the right to vote and run for office. He will only be elected if the people who vote for him trust him. In the same way, if people didn’t have economic freedom, it would be impossible for them to get along. There will be no freedom if some people’s rights depend on what other people want.

No one should be able to take advantage of other people. In the same way, a person’s spontaneity would be hurt if they didn’t have civil liberties of speech, press, association, etc.

So, equality means that each citizen has the right to a minimum set of rights before a few people can get extra rights. So, we must first meet the urgent needs of everyone before we can meet the specific needs of some. These claims need to be backed up by social needs as well. So, giving everyone a fair chance is one of the most important parts of equality.

So, it doesn’t also mean that all functions are the same. Depending on their abilities, different people will do different jobs. It also won’t mean that different jobs will get the same pay. Depending on the job, the pay would be different.

Conclusion : 

So, the main problem with equality is how to divide things up. When basic needs are met, extra things become a problem of social needs.

So, equality and freedom are not opposites; instead, they go hand in hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Liberty Is Not Anarchy Essay 

Q.1 What is the meaning of liberty is not anarchy?

A person is said to be at liberty when he is free to think, speak and act without any compulsion.

Q.2 What is true liberty?

True freedom, which Eotvos defined as respect for “well-earned rights,” could be achieved best by limiting state power as much as possible, not by making the country more democratic.

Q.3 Why is the right to liberty important?

When the Constitution talks about liberty, it means that a person is free from rules that are unfair or unreasonable. Freedom from restraint doesn’t just mean freedom from physical restraint; it also means freedom to act as one pleases.

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