The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous body, formed by the govt of India, to help government and personal schools in promoting quality of faculty education in India. This independent organization, established in 1961, is liable for providing research-based course content with a radical knowledge of subjects. The course structure provided by NCERT is concentrated on the general growth of a toddler from grade school and also the holistic development of the society. Keeping these goal in mind, NCERT prepare and publish textbooks, supplementary papers, solutions, journals, books etc.

CBSE and lots of state boards are now following the NCERT official textbooks for classes 1 to 12 in their school course curriculum. Not only this, for various competitive examinations like IIT, NEET, UPSC, etc, it’s being recommended to ask the NCERT book. this is often because the content within the textbook is developed during a simple and simply understandable way. One can start from basics and may attend a better level by studying through these books.

NCERT Full FormNational Council of Educational Research and Training
FounderGovernment of India
Ncert in Hindiएनसीईआरटी
Establishment Year1961
HeadquartersNew Delhi
DirectorDr. Hrushikesh Senapaty
AddressSri Aurobindo Marg, Delhi, India

Ph.No: +91-11-26562188


Fax: +91-11-26969419

NCERT Online Study Material

NCERT Official Website provides various study resources to the scholars studying in several classes. These study materials and more are provided at Utopper also . browsing these study resources without fail helps the scholars in understanding the small print of the course, enabling them to be prepared throughout the tutorial year. Exam preparation, without a doubt, is far more convenient with these NCERT resources.

Here, we’ve came here with all the study material associated with NCERT, as students you can see below. undergo this page to access all the NCERT material online for free of charge . Make the foremost of it while preparing for the exams. Also, we’ve listed the topics here for students’ convenience. they will directly click on them to urge the small print associated with it.

You can check the category Wise NCERT Study Materials from Utopper the links given below:

1. Ncert Solutions

The NCERT books are allowed in various CBSE and state board schools. At the top of every chapter, an exercise is provided. Students should solve those exercise questions thoroughly. within the final examination , questions are asked from these NCERT exercise problems. So, they ought to a minimum of practise once all the exercise problems from the textbooks before the exams. Sometimes students grind to a halt and aren’t ready to solve the questions. So, to assist them we’ve provided detailed step by step NCERT Solutions for all the classes. These solutions also will help students in writing the answers during a better way from the exam perspective, in order that they score more marks in exams.

2. Ncert Books

NCERT textbooks are considered as a bible for the scholars preparing for the board exams, specially for the CBSE board. Different state boards of India like Chattisargarh, Karnataka, Odisha etc have started following these books. Although students have the pdfs of the NCERT books, it’s useful to stay the softcopy also . Students can access these soft copies anywhere through mobile or tablets and may study from it. To download the NCERT Books in pdf format from class 1 to class 12 for all the themes , click on the respective link on the table below:

3. Ncert Syllabus

Students should be versed with the syllabus right at the start of the tutorial session. this may help them in knowing the topics that they’re going to study in each subject during the whole year. Also, they will prepare an efficient study plan for themselves. pertaining to the NCERT Syllabus, students can easily track all topics they need covered till now and what must be completed. Thus, this helps them in finishing the syllabus on time in order that they get adequate time for revision.

4. Ncert Exemplars

The NCERT Exemplar problems from class 6 to 12 are made available for the scholars with the aim of developing higher-order thinking and analytical skills among the scholars . These NCERT Exemplar problems are designed to assist students brainstorm. Also, NCERT books have limited questions within the exercise, so, students can practise more questions associated with a specific topic. to urge the solutions to those NCERT exemplars, visit the link below.

5. Ncert Previous Question Papers

The previous question papers are composed by the CBSE and other boards in line with the NCERT exam guidelines. Here, we’ve provided the question papers for Class 6 to 12. By solving them students will get a thought about the question paper pattern, sorts of questions asked, marks distribution and important topics. These question papers are going to be more helpful for the category 10 and 12 board exam students.

6. Ncert Sample Question Papers

NCERT prepare model question papers for Class 6 to 12 and provides it to the CBSE. These model papers are prepared as per the rules issued by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005. Following the paper pattern of those model papers, the board test paper for Class 10th and 12th are designed. So, students must undergo these NCERT Model Questions Papers a minimum of once from the link provided below. browsing them, they’re going to get a thought about the expected question paper pattern. So, make the foremost of it by not missing any chance of scoring high marks within the board exams.

7. Ncert Revision Notes Online

Students must build a habit of creating notes while studying. It helps them in remembering details and formulas. Just merely browsing the notes students recall all the concepts without browsing the textbooks. NCERT Notes are helpful especially during revision. Students get everything written during a short and compiled form. So, here we’ve provided chapter wise NCERT Revision Notes online for Maths and Science subjects for class 6 to 12 students. undergo them and obtain key points of every chapter.

7. Ncert E-books for Other State

Other than CBSE, many nations of India also follow the NCERT books. we’ve listed the names of those states below. After a while most of the states will start following the NCERT book in their schools.

  1.  Andhra Pradesh Board
  2.  Chattisgarh Board
  3.  Odisha Board
  4.  Bihar Board
  5.  Karnataka Board
  6.  Gujarat Board

NCERT- Functions and Guidelines

NCERT is putting endless effort to enhance the standard of education in India. The organization works towards a far better education a day . The council works along side different educational bodies with an aim to market and coordinate research in several areas of education.

  • NCERT organize pre-service and in-service training for teachers.
  • It regularly brainstorms with its team of highly-qualified academic professionals to return up with innovative educational techniques and practices.
  • It collaborates and works with central and state-level educational departments, international organizations and NGOs to market excellent education.
  • It acts as a nodal agency for the Universalisation of education .
  • NCERT is an implementation agency for bilateral cultural exchange programmes with other countries within the field of faculty education.
  • Offers various training facilities to educational personnel.
  • It conducts bilateral cultural exchange programs with other countries associated with school education.
  • It is an advising body that guides the Central and State Governments on policies and programmes for enhancing quality in class education.

NCERT prepares all the required guidelines to be adhered to by all the faculties following the CBSE board. It prepares exam patterns and guidelines to constantly review the general assessment of scholars . Being the apex body in class education that assists many faculties in India to develop resourceful materials.