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VIVA Full Form

What is the VIVA Full Form?

There are different types of Viva Full Form commonly used as “Very Important Visitors Ask” which is an oral exam, usually for educational qualifications. There are many different kinds of tests in school, college, and university. VIVA is a type of test where students speak their answers instead of writing them down. This is a very common test, and every college and university gives it.

In this article, we are reading in detail about the VIVA Full Form, what viva means, and what are the benefits of VIVA.

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VIVA Full Form

The VIVA exam is required, and every student tries to pass it. It is harder than the written test because the examiner keeps asking questions during the viva. And you don’t have a lot of time to think about the answer. So, most students are worried about the VIVA exam.

What does viva mean –

You and your teacher can be found in the room where the test is given. And when the teacher asks a question, you have to give the right answer. It is harder than the written test because the examiner keeps asking the same question over and over again during the viva. And you only have a short time to figure out the answer. So most of the students are worried about the viva.

In English, “Viva” typically refers to an oral examination or interview, often conducted in an academic context such as a thesis defense or a job interview. During a viva, the candidate is typically questioned by one or more examiners on their knowledge, understanding, and ability to defend their work. The term “viva” is derived from the Latin phrase “viva voce,” meaning “with the living voice,” reflecting the fact that the examination is conducted verbally rather than in written form.

You shouldn’t be scared before the war starts. Because you’re afraid you won’t give the right answer, even though you know what it is. So have faith. And I hope you know what I mean by “Viva” in its full form.

But the full form of viva is different in each department. So, here is a list of all the full forms of Viva. You can check it out, and if you like it, you can share it with your friends and family or leave a comment below.

Key Benefits of VIVA

A. Assessing Knowledge and Competence

  • In-Depth Evaluation: VIVAs provide a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s knowledge, understanding, and proficiency in a specific subject or field.
  • Practical Application: VIVAs assess the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, demonstrating practical skills and problem-solving capabilities.

B. Enhancing Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Verbal Communication Skills: VIVAs promote effective oral communication, allowing individuals to articulate their ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Presentation Skills: Presenting research or answering questions during a VIVA enhances presentation skills, including structuring arguments, using visual aids, and engaging the audience.

C. Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Overcoming Nervousness: Successfully completing VIVAs helps individuals conquer their fear of public speaking and boosts self-confidence.
  • Validation of Expertise: Performing well in VIVAs validates one’s expertise, providing a sense of accomplishment and recognition.

D. Encouraging Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Analytical Skills: VIVAs assess critical thinking abilities, including the capacity to analyze complex problems, evaluate evidence, and present logical arguments.
  • Innovative Solutions: VIVAs encourage individuals to think creatively, fostering innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Different Types of Full Forms for VIVA

Here is a list of all the full names for VIVA.

TitleFull Form
VivaVery important volunteer Program
VivaVirgin Islands and villas
VivaValue of Volunteer acknowledge
VivaVision Investment Vitality and Action
VivaValuable Information Value added
VivaVoter information verification act
VivaVery Impressive Vacations;l Achievement
VivaVancouver Island vegetation Association
VivaVideo Interactive Virtual Anatomy
VivaValue Integrated Vacuum Activated
VivaVolunteer for Inter Valley Animal
VivaVision Innovation value and Achievement
Vivavitality insight vision and action
Vivavoices Information Volunteers Act

10 Tips for Viva Success

  • Relax and take a deep breath.
  • Stressing out will only make things worse by keeping you from sleeping and making you sick.
  • Have some fun.
  • Believe in Yourself.
  • Have a Good Attitude.
  • Dress for Viva Success.
  • Read Your Thesis.
  • Know the Rules.
  • Make a List of Your Corrections.
  • Arrange a mock viva

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

1. What is the college VIVA exam?

Ans – A “viva” is just the name for an exam at a university where students answer questions in speech. The questions are usually about a certain project or field. Viva questions are an important part of a school program, and they usually happen at the end of a semester or year.

2. What is a Viva interview?

Ans – A viva is an academic interview where your examiners will look for evidence that you understand what your thesis is about, how important it is to what is already known in the field, and how big the subject area is. 

3. How can I overcome nervousness during a VIVA?

To overcome nervousness during a VIVA, practice relaxation techniques, visualize success, and gain confidence through thorough preparation and mock VIVA scenarios.

4. What are the common mistakes to avoid during a VIVA?

Some common mistakes to avoid during a VIVA include:
Rambling or providing excessively long answers
Overusing technical jargon without explaining concepts clearly
Failing to actively listen to the examiner’s questions
Neglecting to prepare and practice beforehand

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