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NAAC Full Form

What is the full form of the NAAC?

The NAAC full form is National Assessment and Accreditation Council. It is an independent authority that reviews and accredits Indian Higher Education. It was established by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India in response to the National Education Policy’s emphasis on the quality of India’s higher education. NAAC was established in September 1994, and its headquarters are located in Bangalore.

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NAAC Full Form

Mission and Vision of NAAC

It aims to enhance performance through quality evaluation, promotion, and other programs, a defining attribute in higher education. It has subdivided its objective into the following roles to fulfill its vision:

  • Periodic inspection and accreditation of institutes of Higher Education
  • To develop innovative academic programs and activities to improve the standard of education.
  • To encourage self-evaluation, openness, creativity, and independence in higher education.
  • To conduct outstanding research, consulting, and training programs in education.
  • Collaboration with various stakeholders in higher education around evaluation criteria and encouragement.

Important Characteristics of NAAC

  • Contribute to the national growth
  • Impart worldwide qualifications among graduates
  • Encouragement of technology in education
  • Quality quest

Significant points regarding NAAC

  • NAAC offers a professionally designed and unusually well-stocked library that covers all aspects of excellence and certification in higher education that are directly related to higher education.
  • The list contains names associated with evaluation and accreditation, teaching and learning methods, course creation, instructional methods, staff growth, women’s studies, student development, etc.
  • It also contains publications from the AIU, UGC, World Bank, UNESCO, and numerous more renowned accreditation organizations.
  • The library contains distinct collections for SSR (Self Study Reports), IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell Reports), and (RAR) Re-Accreditation Reports.

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