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HAL Full Form

What is the HAL full form?

The HAL full form is Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Bangalore, India is home to the state-owned Indian aerospace and defense company HAL. It is managed by the Indian Ministry of Defense.

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Currently, the government-owned corporation is active in the fabrication and production of airplanes, designs, helicopters, jet engines, and their replacement parts. Its primary business is aerospace. India is home to many of its facilities, including those in Bangalore, Kanpur, Nasik, Koraput, Korwa, Lucknow, Kasaragod, and Hyderabad.

HAL Full Form

A History of HAL

  • On December 23, 1940, Walchand Hirachand established Hindustan Aircraft Limited in Bangalore. The first office was located at the “Eventide” home on Domlur Road.
  • In 1941, the Indian Government acquired third ownership in HAL after realizing its strategic importance.
  • In August 1951, HAL’s HT-2 Trainer aircraft made its debut in service.
  • While AIL (Aeronautics India Limited), a company owned and operated by the Government of India, was established in August 1963 to begin manufacturing MiG-21 aircraft there.
  • In October 1964, Hindustan Aircraft Limited and Aeronautics India Limited merged, giving rise to HAL.
  • In Bangalore, a distinct HAL division was established in 1970 to work on the development of the Cheetah & Chetak helicopters.
  • The Hyderabad-based Avionics Design Bureau was established in 1971 to develop and manufacture UHF, IFF, HF, radio altimeters, and other avionics products.
  • Following the licensing agreement with British Aerospace, it began producing “Jaguar” aircraft in 1979.
  • It agreed to produce the swing-wing MiG-27 M with the USSR in 1982.
  • A distinct HAL department was established in 1988 to support the nation’s space programs.
  • In March 2007, a brand-new ACD (Aircraft Composite Division) was created to develop composite material for its own internal purposes, including LCA, ALH, and so on.
  • In March 2014, a distinct LCA (Light Combat Aircraft) Tejas Unit was established in Bangalore to produce LCAs. 

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