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What is the full form of EWS?

The EWS full form is the Economically Weaker Section. EWS refers to particular homes or individuals with incomes below a specified threshold. Although other financial factors may impact a citizen’s or household’s economic insecurity, income is the most important factor. In the realm of public policy, the term must be defined in the context of India’s Constitution’s Preamble; it requires economic, political, and social justice.

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In India, qualification for the EWS certificate is not restricted to a single yearly income criterion. The Union Council of Ministers authorized a 10% quota for India’s Economically Weak Section in government positions and educational institutions under the General category on January 7, 2019.

The following criteria will affect the issuing of an EWS certificate:

  • Annual income
  • Property
  • Residential flat, etc.

Criteria for obtaining an EWS certificate

A person is qualified for an EWS certificate.

  1. The annual household income is less than 8 lakh rupees, and the household does not belong to a quota category such as SC, ST, or OBC.
  2. The family must possess more than 5 acres of farmland.
  3. The residential lot size is less than 100/200 square feet. Yards.
  4. The residential area is less than 1000 square feet. Ft.

Required documentation for EWS certification

When submitting an application for an EWS certificate, applicants are required to have the documentation listed below. 

  • ID proof
  • Property or land documents
  • Residential proof
  • Adhaar card
  • Self-declaration form
  • Photograph (passport size)
  • Other relevant documents.

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