EnglishEssay on Our School Peon

Essay on Our School Peon

Our School Peon Essay in English

Essay on Our School Peon: A peon works in every office and building. His work for the office is important. His works are important in different ways. In this Essay on Our School Peon, we will talk about our school peon and its importance. You can also find more Essay Writing articles about events, people, sports, technology, and many other things.

I’ve seen a lot of peons in different offices. But I like the office worker for my principal. His job isn’t very big, but it’s still important. A school peon is also someone who sits outside the Principal’s office. He is very important. The principal knows that the school can’t function without him.

Essay on Our School Peon for Students

Our school’s peon is Mr. Ram Kishan. About forty years old. He is very tall. His body is very strong. He is pretty healthy. He comes from a small town.

He always wears a Khaki uniform. A white Gandhi cap is on his head. Every year, the school gives him a uniform. He stays in a small room at the school. He is already married. In the village, his wife and children live.

Essay on Our School Peon

He works like one man army. He gets there an hour before school starts. He cleaned up the room of the Principal. He cleans the classrooms by dusting the desks, tables, and chairs. Afterward, he rings the bell.

He sits near the Principal’s office as long as the school is in session. He does what he’s told and sometimes goes to the post office. He has to go to the bank sometimes to deposit or take out money for school. Sometimes he circulates an order in the classes.

At other times he shows the visitors in. He does all of these things and more. At the end of each period, he keeps ringing the bell. When he doesn’t do his job as often as he should, everyone starts to complain about him because the schoolwork starts to suffer.

He rings the closing bell when it’s time to close the school. After the boys leave, he closes all the doors and windows. Then he puts the keys in his pocket and goes home.

He has a tough life. He only makes a small salary of 5,000 rupees per month. He can’t keep his family with him on the small amount of money he has. He can’t take care of his family in the town. He has worked at this school for the past fifteen years.

“Quick service with a smile” is what Shyam Sunder is all about. He is in a lowly place. But he is a great man in many ways. He is a prince among the peons.

Short Essay on Our School Peon

Pawan Singh is our school’s peon. He is a part of the school in every way. He is strong and tall. He is smart and very busy. He is a member of the village. His uniform is khaki.

He is the first student to arrive at school and the last student to leave. In the morning, he opens the school. He cleans the chairs and desks.

He lets the principal into his room. He is always clean and tidy. He adds flowers to make it look nice. He cleans it up by dusting it. He also opens the office. He sets up everything in the right way.

When he rings the bell, school begins. After every class, he rings the bell. His job is very tough. He has to take care of the Principal, the teachers, and the clerks. He is very hard-working.

He walks around the school a lot. His work is very honest. He’s very kind and polite. He can be mean to the boys sometimes.

He doesn’t make much money. He eats what he can get. He doesn’t know how to read, write, or do math, but the Principal, the teacher, and the office staff are happy with the work he does.

He is a very important person in the school because of this. He does his job in a fair way. He is reliable and always on time.

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