EnglishEssay on Importance of Water - An Essential Part of Our Life

Essay on Importance of Water – An Essential Part of Our Life

Importance of Water Essay in English

Essay on Importance of Water: Water is essential to life. To stay alive, every living thing on Earth needs water. In this essay on water we will talk about water, his importance in our life, uses of water in daily life, and what is the role of water in life process.

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Water is an important part of life and is needed to keep things going. It helps the body do certain metabolic tasks and keeps our bodies at the right temperature. Water is special because its density is the same as that of cell protoplasm.

Essay on Importance of Water

We know that water is an important part of our diet. Water is all around us, and it is important for our planet and all the life that lives on it. Water doesn’t make calories and is a big part of losing weight. The most important thing and a universal solution is how good our lives are.

700+ Word Essay on Importance of Water for Students

Water is the most important thing for all living things on earth to survive. We can say that water is the reason why Earth is the only place where life can exist. This all-purpose solvent is one of the most important things we have on Earth. Without water, nothing would be able to live. It covers almost 70% of the earth, after all.

Water importance

  • Water underpins our personal lives. Daily survival requires water. We can go a week without food, but only three days without water. Our body is 70% water. This aids normal body function.
  • Thus, inadequate water or contaminated water can harm humans. Thus, water quantity and quality affect our physical health and fitness.
  • Water completes our daily routine. Getting up to brush or cook is equally important. This transparent chemical is crucial to our domestic water use.
  • Industries also use lots of water. Most of their process requires water. It’s needed to make everyday goods.
  • Water is essential to all life, beyond human use. Aquatics live there. Water is essential for all life.
  • Thus, humans, plants, and animals need water. Water sustains the planet. We cannot waste it without considering the environment.

Role of Water In Life Processes

  • Water is a solvent in most life processes. Food is absorbed in water-based solutions. Urine and perspiration excrete many waste products as solutions.
  • Water regulates body temperature. Water is consumed in hot weather. Maintains body temperature. We also sweat. Cools the body.
  • Plants need water. Plants prepare food with water. Their roots absorb dissolved soil nutrients.
  • Water-dissolved nutrients and oxygen sustain aquatic life.

Uses of Water In Everyday Life

  • We drink, wash, cook, bathe, and clean with water.
  • Hydroelectric power stations use it.
  • Water irrigates fields and makes products.

Other Uses of Water

  • Water transports goods and people.
  • Swimming, boating, and water skiing use it.
  • Water extinguishes fires.

Important Sources of Water

Two main water sources exist:

Surface water: Rivers, lakes, streams, seas, oceans, and reservoirs. Clouds and mountain snow melt fill rivers and lakes. Rivers flow into the sea. Ocean water enters. Evaporating surface water starts the water cycle.

Ground water is underground. Water permeates porous rocks and soil. Wells and tube wells extract this underground water.

Conversation of Water

We must be vigilant in this age of water pollution. Two main factors are depleting freshwater. Industrial waste and other human activities are polluting water, and people worldwide waste water.

We must conserve water or Earth will become unlivable. Water maintains ecological balance and provides a suitable environment for humans. Drinking, cooking, cleaning, irrigating fields, and other activities require it. Save and use water wisely.

Methods to Conserve Water

Water conservation has many methods. We can save water by changing several daily habits. See these:

  • We usually brush with the tap running. This wastes water. Keep the tap off unless you need it. This saves a lot of water from unnecessary draining. Wash your hands similarly.
  • Since showers waste water, use a bucket. When showering without water, keep a tub under the shower. This water can water plants or flush.
  • RO waste water can be collected in a bucket for cleaning or watering plants. Boiling water from potatoes, noodles, and pasta can be used too. Hot water can clean oily and greasy utensils.
  • Water the plants in the evening or early morning to prevent evaporation. This reduces plant watering.
  • Defrost food without water.
  • Instead of a pipe, use a bucket and wet cloth to wash your car. A recycled-water car wash can wash it regularly.
  • Rainwater harvesting stores and reuses water.
  • Install water-saving bathroom fixtures, sink systems, dish washers, and washing machines and use them wisely. Load your washing machine and dish washer before turning them on.
  • Do not ignore kitchen, bathroom, or other house leaks. Fix it now to save water.
  • Less electricity saves water indirectly. Power plants use gallons of water.

Importance of Oceans

  • Oceans benefit humans greatly. They help directly and indirectly. They affect neighbouring countries’ climates and benefit humanity in many ways. They store resources.
  • The water cycle relies heavily on oceans. Precipitation comes from ocean water vapour.
  • The oceans contain the most edible marine food, especially fish. Sea animals produce oil, glue, and food.
  • Oceans have abundant minerals and chemicals. Oceans contain many dissolved salts like sodium chloride (common salt), magnesium chloride, and potassium chloride.
  • Oceans supply oil and gas.

A world without water

Water is essential for life and health. Everyone has seen Africa’s water-deprived citizens’ miserable lives. Everyone needs to wake up to water conservation.


Our daily water use is varied. It’s underutilised. Wasted water exceeds use. This is why water on Earth is decreasing rapidly. By being more responsible and avoiding water waste at the individual level, we can ensure that our future generation will be able to make the best use of this valuable natural resource.

Importance of Water Essay 10 Lines

  1. Water is a very important part of keeping life going on Earth.
  2. It is important because it helps us quench our thirst.
  3. Water makes up about 70% of our bodies.
  4. Water is important for doing things around the house.
  5. Water is very important for farming.
  6. Water that is dirty is very bad for people’s health.
  7. We need to save fresh water because there isn’t much of it on Earth.
  8. Water is necessary for all living things to stay alive.
  9. Most water comes from lakes, rivers, oceans, and other large bodies of water.
  10. We should save water for both today and the future.
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