EnglishEssay on Fair: Exploring fun behind fair

Essay on Fair: Exploring fun behind fair

Fair Life Essay for Students and Children

Essay on Fair: People usually call a gathering of people for entertainment or fun activity purposes a “fair.” In this essay we talk about city fair, village fair, fun fair, book fair and there importance. You can also find more Essay Writing articles about events, people, sports, technology, and many other things.

Fairs have been a part of cultures all over the world for a long time. Where else can you go to have fun, eat, and do business all at the same time? There are many countries, cities, and small towns in the world. In many cultures around the world, fairs are a place where lots of people get together and have fun. Let’s look at these long and short essays that will give you an idea of what Essay on Fair is all about.  

Long Essay on Fair in 1000 Words in English

People usually call something “fair” when they get together to do something fun or business-related. The fairground is an area with hundreds of temporary shops where people who have come to the fair can buy different things. 

At a village fair, you’ll often see people selling toys and treats. During festivals in our states, fairs are often set up. Some fairs, like book fairs, travel fairs, trade fairs, etc., can happen outside of a festival and sell things that fit with their theme. There are two kinds of fairs: city fairs and village fairs. Now we’ll talk about them.

Essay on Fair

City Fair

Most of the time, a city fair is held at the same time every day of the year. In India, many old fairs have been held around the same time for many years. Trade fairs are for selling unique artifacts, crafts, jewelry, furniture, etc. It is also for business activities, with only a small amount of fun and entertainment. On the other hand, a festive fair is held during the holiday season.

For example, during the Durga Puja festival, a city holds a Durga Puja fair, and during the Pongal festival, a Pongal fair is held in southern India. During Holi, there are also many fairs all over the country.

The city also has the Book Fair, which is another fair. A group of publishers and booksellers put together Book Fair to get the word out about books and boost sales. A book fair has books from many different fields, such as history, autobiographies, storybooks, science books, books on literature, fictional books, encyclopedias, books on general knowledge, etc.

Most of the time, a city fair is held in an open field in the city. The fair field could be small or big, depending on how much space was available or how big the fair was. The loudspeakers are the best way to tell when a city fair is going on.

Loudspeakers let people outside the fair hearing the different business and entertainment activities going on inside. People selling their goods, a magician calling excited kids, a call for people to watch a stunt show that was about to start, and other things could all be heard at the same time.

village fair

Village Fair

During festivals like Dussehra and Diwali, there is also a village fair. It could also be done once a year as a way to honor a local god or a group’s religious beliefs. Most of the time, a village fair looks and has fewer things to do than a city fair. At an Indian village fair, most of the shops are small and sell mostly toys and sweets.

At the fair, there were a lot of people selling small toys on hand-held wooden frames. A village fair has a lot of light toys like flutes, whistles, and other small toys that kids like. At a fair, vendors always play the flute or whistle to get kids to buy from them.

Other big draws at a village fair, especially for kids, are sweets, different types of swings and ferry wheels, and games. At a typical desi village fair, you can smell all the different sweets that the vendors are making right then and there. The most popular tasty treat at a village fair is jalebi. The next thing that draws people to a village fair, after the sweets, toys, and other items, are the different kinds of ferry wheels.

Book Fair

A group of publishers and booksellers put on a Book Fair to get the word out about books and boost sales. A book fair has books from many different fields, such as history, autobiographies, stories, science, literature, fiction, encyclopaedias, books about general knowledge, etc.

A literary book fair could be put on by the government or by certain groups to promote literature and honour scholars. The New Delhi World Book Fair and the Kolkata Book Fair, which happen every year, are two of the most important book fairs in India. The National Book Trust holds the New Delhi World Book Fair every winter at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi for eight days (NBT). Every year, the Kolkata Book Fair is held for about 12 days in January and February. It is a book fair for the general public, not for the trade.

Things to do at a Fun Fair

A fun fair that is only there for entertainment. It has a few fewer stores and more fun things to do. At a fun fair, you could only find toy stores and food stands. There are so many fun things to do, like magic shows, stunt shows, games of skill and luck, shooting games, amusement rides, etc., that it looks like a fun fair is going on.

A fun fair could be big or small, depending on where it is and how many people it serves. It could also be a fun fair that moves from one place to another or one that stays in one place. In both cases, it gives children, young people, and old people a lot of fun things to do.

The area of the fair was marked by colorful tents for things like magic shows, the circus, stunts, movies, and other fun things. There are also open booths where you can do things like shoot an air gun, throw a ring, or shoot darts. Throw the Ring is a game where you can win a prize if you throw a ring exactly over a faraway object and make it land inside the ring. The object is given as a prize to the person who wins.


A fair could also be a grouping of certain things, or it could be a grouping of religious people. Some examples of the first kind of fairs are book fairs, cattle fairs, and so on. Religious fairs are fairs that happen at certain religiously important places and on certain days. For religious holidays like Dussehra, Diwali, etc., a religious fair could also be held in different places. 

Short Essay on Fair (200 Words)

A fair is a place where buyers and sellers can look for the things they want. India has fairs in both cities and villages, where people are excited and make unique things. In India, there are many fairs. The Kumbh Mela is the oldest and has been going on for more than 2,000 years. It starts when Jupiter, the sun, and the moon all lineup. 

At the Pushkar camel fair, you can buy and sell camels and see who has the longest mustache. The Hemis Gompa fair is held in Ladakh and has been going on for 300 years. It is held on the birthday of Guru Padmasambhava. The Goa Carnival is another big festival fair that draws millions of people every year.

A fair looks like a temporary marketplace where people can buy and sell things. There are also many fun things going on at the same time. Usually, a fair is held in India during a festival. A fair look like an area with hundreds of temporary shops selling different things to the people who have come to see the fair. At a small village fair, people sell toys and sweets on the street, but a big city fair is a huge event.

At a city fair, there was a long line of excited adults and children waiting to buy tickets. From the inside, the fair looks like a huge market where you can buy anything you can think of, like balloons, toys, clothes, shoes, artifacts, utensils, kitchen tools, household tools, furniture, and so on. Fairs are especially fun for kids because they can buy new toys and play on different kinds of swings and Ferris wheels. 

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