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Essay On CYCLING: A bicycle is a useful vehicle that helps us get to our destination without polluting the environment. Because of this, most of the houses have cycles. In this Essay On cycling, we will talk about cycling, the pleasures of cycling, and the advantages of cycling. You can also find more Essay Writing articles about events, people, sports, technology, and many other things.

Cycling can be useful and fun in many ways. It’s a way to get around that doesn’t hurt the environment, so it doesn’t add to pollution. It also keeps people healthy because it gives them a lot of exercise. It is also the cheapest and most reliable way to get from one place to another.


700+ Words Essay On CYCLING for Students


One way to get around is on a bicycle. It’s a great way to get around short distances. Because of this, every house has one, two, or more cycles. The number of cycles in India is higher than in any other country in the world. Delhi has the most cycles of any city in India.

Pleasures of cycling

We can ride our bikes anywhere we want. Even though roads are better for cycling, we don’t need roads for this. As we ride our bikes alone, we enjoy the fresh air. There are many good things about living outside. New scenes meet our eyes. We don’t have to worry about anything. As long as we’re on the bike, we forget about the bad things in life.

Again, people who live in cities and towns benefit from cycling. They rarely get to enjoy the outdoors. But when he’s on a bike, he may have a lot of chances to enjoy and learn from nature. They don’t know much about the beauty of nature.

Many of them can’t leave town for a lot of different reasons. For these people, the bike is very useful. It lets them go to the country, where nature is in charge. So, they can enjoy nature’s beautiful sights and scenes.

Besides these things, cycling teaches us about the geography of the places we pass through. It lets us learn about the history and geography of the place we are visiting. The person who rides a bike gets a good workout. He stays healthy and busy because of it.

A cyclist doesn’t have to ride alone. He can always go somewhere with his friends. As they ride, they can continue to talk. If they see something beautiful, they can stop and look at it. They spend their time laughing, telling jokes, and making fun of each other.

Importance of Bicycle

Bicycles are even more important now than they were in the past. Even though they have been helpful for a long time, they are now very important. Because of how fast pollution is getting worse around the world, they offer a cleaner way to get around.

In other words, bikes don’t need gasoline or diesel, which hurt the environment. Also, it doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide. So, it’s a great choice for everyone, especially people who care about the environment.

After that, we can see that bikes, unlike cars and buses, don’t have the ability to hurt anyone. When you ride a bike, you are less likely to hurt someone or cause an accident than when you ride a bike or drive a car.

The best thing about bikes is that they are good for our health. Cycling is a good way to stay healthy because it has many benefits. Not only is it a great alternative to going to the gym, but it also helps prevent heart disease.

So, riding a bike is good for our health. In the same way, they are not bad for the environment. Also, they are very helpful because we can ride a bike through narrow roads, which we can’t do with bikes or cars.

My Bicycle

The colors of my bike are red and black. On my birthday, my father gave it to me, and it is my favorite gift. My bike is called Turbo Thunder, and it has a lot of cool features.

It comes with a basket and different gears. It also has a place for a bottle and a lock. Every night, I ride my bike with my friends from the area. I feel very free when I can just go out and ride my bike when the weather is nice.

My dad makes sure I always wear my safety gear when I ride my bike so I don’t get hurt. I have also put stickers on my bike to make it look more like mine. Also, I ride my bike to all of my coaching classes.

Because of this, I love my bike and want to keep it with me even when I’m older. Since cycling is good for the environment and our health, I plan to keep cycling for a long time to stay healthy and keep the environment clean.


Cycles are great in every way, both for our health and for the health of the environment. It’s also not too hard on your wallet. Since pollution is getting worse every day, we need to switch to bicycles if we want to live healthier lives and make the world a better place.

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