EnglishEssay on Country Life

Essay on Country Life

Country Life Essay in English

Essay on Country Life: According to the Bible, “God made the country and manmade the town.” Town life is artificial, country life natural. Nature is close in the country. We’re surrounded by flowers and trees. In this Essay on Country Life, we will talk about country life and what is the difference between country life and town life. You can also find more Essay Writing articles about events, people, sports, technology, and many other things.

Even now, most Indian people still live in villages. People choose to live in cities, towns, and villages based on their needs and where they want to be.

Essay on Country Life

500 Words Essay on Country Life for Students

“Life in the country is very innocent and easy. It is a place of perfect peace. People who are retired love to spend the rest of their lives in the country. In his poem “On Solitude,” Alexander Pope wrote that he liked the quiet life of the country.

They don’t seem to be interested in the charms of country life. Cowper’s comment is true because of villages. The Bible says, “God made the country and man made the town.” We say that God made villages because they are natural and easy to understand.

The jobs that people do are very easy and simple. Most of the people in the village work in agriculture. They work on their own farms and depend on the work they do. They work for big farmers in their fields. Every family has a job, and no one is out of work.

Everything that needs to be done in the village is done in a healthy and pleasant environment. They do their work in the green fields. The tiredness of hard work goes away when you breathe in fresh air and hear birds singing. They work all day in a healthy and natural setting. When they get home, their kids and wives are happy to see them and feed them good food.

There are other good things about living in the country. We can best enjoy the beauty and glory of nature in a village. In the morning and evening, we can hear birds singing. We can see the sun going down behind the clouds in this picture. You would be happy because of how pretty the meadows are. The sound of the river bubbling, the soft mooing of cows, and the games that kids play in the country are all things to enjoy.

People are honest and open. They are kind and like to have people over. They have something in common. They get along well with each other. They share each other’s happiness and sadness. There are no rules about how to live in a village. People’s habits and clothes are simple. They can’t read or write, but they are honest and simple. They aren’t smart.

In the country, you can breathe clean air, drink clean water, and eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Milk, butter, and other foods can be bought without anything added to them. Everything is calm and peaceful. There isn’t a lot of noise. There’s nothing that could upset the peace. There are no loud noises from machines. Most of the time, you won’t see cars or carriages.

There isn’t much going on. People are happy because they don’t have many needs that are hard to meet. People in the country are religious and holy. People are friendly and helpful to their neighbors, and everyone lives in perfect peace and goodwill. No matter their caste or creed, the young respect the old. People work together.

There are also bad things about living in the country. There are no easy ways to get around or talk to people. There are no hospitals or schools. When it rains, the roads get muddy and can’t be used. There are no post offices or telephone booths. People and things aren’t as safe as they are in towns.

Even with all these bad things, living in a village is better than living in a city. When you live in the country, you are closer to God because you are closer to Nature. People in towns are selfish and care about things. They want too much. Their god is money. It is the most important thing in their lives.


In summary, country life is fairly quiet and less hectic than city life. Country life is explored in the essay. The author praises country living for its close-knit community, slower pace, and abundance of nature. They recognize rural living’s drawbacks, such as limited services and resources.

Short Essay on Town Life and Country Life for Students

“God first made the country and then the city,” as the saying goes. This sums up the belief that God lives in rural areas. Why? Rural areas have clean air. Fresh vegetables and pure milk nourish the villagers. Villages also lack city noise, dust, smoke, and heat. Villages are close to nature and God. Villagers live innocently. Villages represent simplicity and God’s bounty.

The countryside outperforms towns in many ways. The lush green fields, vast meadows, tree groves, lovely landscapes, and farmers harvesting crops while birds chirp are truly inspiring.

However, the villages lack certain items. These are town-only. Towns and cities have metros, malls, multiplexes, top schools, many jobs, and more. Only cities have clubs, coffee shops, posh restaurants, theatres, and other art, culture, and civilization centers.

However, town life’s smoky air, dirty and noisy roads, poor sanitation due to factories and industries, and lack of good food and fresh air are some of its drawbacks.

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