EnglishEssay on Aryabhatta

Essay on Aryabhatta

Aryabhatta Essay in English

Essay on Aryabhatta: Aryabhatta was an astronomer and mathematician who lived in India in the 5th century CE. He made important contributions to the field of math, like coming up with the idea of zero and the decimal system. In this essay, we will talk about the Essay on Aryabhata, his life, and what he did. Discover the incredible contributions of Aryabhatta with this captivating essay on Aryabhatta. You can also find more Essay Writing articles about events, people, sports, technology, and many other things.

When we hear the name “Aryabhatta,” the first thing that comes to mind is “zero.” However, many of us don’t know that Aryabhatta found and invented a lot of other things besides zero. Aryabhatta was not only a very smart person for his time, but he also shows how hard work and dedication can make you a great person.

Essay on Aryabhatta

600+ Word Essay on Aryabhatta for Students

Aryabhatta was the first person from India to study math and the stars. He knew a lot about math and was very good at it. He also made a lot of discoveries during his time. Some of these were the discovery of algebraic identities, trigonometric functions, the value of pi, the Place Value System, etc.

He also wrote a lot of books that we still use to figure out how to do different kinds of math. Many young people looked up to Aryabhatta as a great leader. Because he did well in school from a very young age. He also did a lot for society, and his works and ideas are still remembered and respected to this day.

The Early Life of Aryabhatta

He was born in the year 475. Also, no one knows where he was born, but in his book “Aryabhatiya,” he says that he was born in Kusumapura, which is now called Patna. Archaeologists also thought, based on his historical records, that he continued to study in Kusumapura. Because his main observatory for studying the stars was in Kusumapura.

We can be sure that Aryabhatta spent most of his time there because of this. Some historians also think that he was the head of Kusumpura’s Nalanda University. All of these theories are probably true, but the only real proof is the books that Arybhatta wrote while he was alive. Still, some of his records went missing and haven’t been found to this day.

Aryabhatta’s work

Aryabhatta made a big difference in the field of math. For example, he was the one who found out about several trigonometric functions that we still use today.

Also, his discovery of the value of “pi” made math less hard to understand. He came up with the place value system and the number zero, which are two of his most important contributions to mathematics. Most interesting is that all of his ideas are written down in his book “Aryabhatiya,” which is about astronomical ideas. Also, his book is split up into different parts about math and astronomy.

Aryabhatta did a lot of important work in astronomy in addition to the math discoveries he made. He came up with the idea that the planets move around the Sun, which is called the heliocentric theory. Using this theory, he figured out how fast each planet moves in relation to the Sun.

He also worked out the sidereal rotation, which is the way the earth moves in relation to the stars. He also found that the sidereal year is 365 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 30 seconds, which is only 3 minutes and 20 seconds different from what it is today.

Contributions of Aryabhatta

Aryabhatta’s discovery that the earth spins on its axis is the most important thing he did. He also came up with the geocentric model of the solar system, which said that the earth was the centre of the universe. The sun, moon, and planets all move around it.

In his book, Aryabhata also talked about eclipses of the sun and moon. So, he also said that the moon was caused by the sun’s light being reflected. He wrote in his book that a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse happen when the earth and the moon cast shadows on the sun.

Aryabhatta was an expert in both math and astronomy, but he also knew a lot about astrology. He wrote a number of books about the subject, including the Aryabhatiya, which is a complete book about astronomy and math.

The things that Aryabhatta left behind have had a lasting effect on math and science. The decimal system and the idea of zero, which he came up with, changed math and made it much easier to do complicated calculations. His work in astronomy and trigonometry helped pave the way for new discoveries in those fields in the future.


Aryabhatta was a brilliant mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer whose work has had a lasting effect on the field of science. His work on the decimal system, the idea of zero, astronomy, and trigonometry was very important and set the stage for future discoveries. Scientists and mathematicians are still inspired and influenced by what he did.

Short Essay on Aryabhatta in English For Kids

Aryabhatta is the first Indian mathematician who made important contributions to mathematics and astronomy. He was from a small village in the state of Bihar. He was born around 476 A.D. during the Gupta Dynasty. Even though he was born in a small village in India, Arybhatta broke all of the social rules and became a famous mathematician and scientist.

Because of his ideas and discoveries, science and math have grown a lot in the past few hundred years. Aryabhatta made a number of important discoveries and inventions that made it possible for people to make new things today. Aryabhatta gave the world the number “0.”

He also explained the value of “pi,” how the solar system is put together, and the difference between revolution and rotation. Aryabhatta made so many important discoveries that it is hard to imagine where math and astronomy would be without him. Aryabhata’s high level of intelligence and advanced way of thinking is more than an inspiration to kids today.

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