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What is the Full form of DRI?

The DRI full form is the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. DRI is an intelligence agency inside Indian Customs. Its major responsibility is to implement the Customs Act of 1962. Due to its performance throughout the years, this anti-smuggling organization has earned the reputation of being the best in its field.

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DRI has established a massive intelligence collection network using both classic human intelligence resources and contemporary intelligence collection methods. The organization is managed by Central Excise and Customs officers and has significantly fewer workers than RAW and IB.

Principal roles of DRI

  • DRI is the primary intelligence organization responsible for enforcing the ban on the smuggling of drugs, gems, gold, electronics, fake Indian currency, and foreign cash.
  • DRI functions under the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs within the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, India.
  • DRI is organized into seven zones, each of which is supervised by an Additional Director General and directed by the Director-General based in New Delhi.
  • DRI is further subdivided into regional units, sub-regional departments, and intelligence cells following the installation of new directors, deputy directors, joint directors, senior intelligence officers, assistant directors, and intelligence officers.

DRI Charter

  • Intelligence gathered from Indian and worldwide sources, including covert sources, regarding the smuggling of illegal products, drugs, under-invoicing, etc.
  • Officers of the Directorate will, if necessary, reach a successful conclusion based on intelligence gathered by themselves.
  • Monitor big cases of seizures and investigations.
  • Associating or assuming responsibility for all investigations requiring the Directorate’s specialized handling.
  • directing important prosecution or investigation matters
  • Maintain interaction with foreign governments, Indian missions, and enforcement agencies abroad regarding anti-smuggling matters.
  • As recommended by the ESCAP conference, serves as a liaison authority for the exchange or exchange of information among ESCAP nations to combat foreign smuggling and customs fraud.
  • Maintain communication with the CBI and INTERPOL via them.
  • Coordinating, coordinating, and controlling anti-smuggling operations along the Indo-Nepal border.
  • Referring instances registered under the Customs Act to the Income Tax Department for proceedings under the Income Tax Act.
  • To record seizure and price/rate information, among other data. For tracking trends in smuggling and supplying the Ministry of Finance and other ministries with the required information.
  • To investigate and provide remedies for legal loopholes and anti-smuggling processes.

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