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What is the full form of ACD?

The ACD full form is Automatic Call Distributor. It is a gadget that can detect, manage, and route massive numbers of incoming calls. ACDs commonly pick a voice menu to direct callers based on a study of the customer, phone number, selected received system line, or the time of day the call was placed. It is a division of CTI (computer telephony integration). CTI and CSTA are the intermediate programs that can construct fully advanced ACD systems (computer-supported telecommunications applications).

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Applications of ACD

  • ACD effectively disperses and divides incoming calls among the various groups of agents or executives. It links callers with agents who are able to provide satisfactory assistance.
  • Small ACD systems are used to connect with a few lines, whereas large devices are used to connect with a huge number of lines.
  • Many firms that provide service support or after-sale services employ ACDs to provide their customers with the greatest level of service.
  • The program may also use rule-based rules like as caller ID, automated number recognition, voicemail, and dial-up number identification facilities to address and conclude how calls are handled.
  • There are numerous communication channel approaches that can be incorporated into an algorithm based on a company’s requirements.
  • Skills-based routing is determined by an operator’s ability to handle a caller’s request.
  • To promote multiple dealers, virtual contact centers can also be utilized to combine the skill sets of agents, allowing for the interchange of real-time and statistical data between contact centre locations.
  • An additional duty for such external routing applications is to enable CTI, which boosts the productivity of call center employees by matching incoming phone calls with robust information via display displays.

ACD Types of distribution

There are various options for distributing incoming calls from a list, such as:

Linear Call Distribution

  • Calls are delivered sequentially, beginning at the beginning each time.

Rotary call distribution or Circular call distribution

  • The calls are distributed in a loop or according to a certain pattern.

Uniform Call Distribution

  • Periodically, calls are dispersed beginning with the employee who has handled the fewest calls.

Simultaneous Call Distribution

  • Calls are routed simultaneously to all accessible extensions.

Weighted Call Distribution

  • Calls are divided among customer service representatives based on a configurable weighting, including contradicting skills.

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