Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Physics

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Physics with Solutions

CBSE Last Year Question Papers for Class 12 Physics – Free PDF Download

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CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10 Maths

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CBSE Class 12 Physics Previous Year Question Paper

For those of you who plan to pursue a career in the field of Science, cracking class 12 physics is extremely important. A good score in class 12 will set the base for admission in a good institution. The key to getting good marks is studying the entire syllabus thoroughly followed by practice of last year question paper of CBSE class 12 Physics. While amassing knowledge by understanding concepts of physics will give you the confidence to answer any question in the exam, practising CBSE previous year question paper of physics class 12 will give you the confidence to write those answers in a timely manner. Since Physics is not like a traditional theory subject where writing answers are straight forward, it is only apt to practice writing the physics paper in exam-like conditions in order to be on top of the subject during the actual exams.

CBSE class 12 physics previous year question papers with solutions free PDF download is available on our website for all students who want to refer the question paper and then solve it. Students can make use of our answer key which is compiled by highly experienced teachers. The answers are aligned to NCERT textbooks and are as per the guidelines mentioned in the exam question paper. The question paper contains all exam guidelines which give the students a hang of do’s and don’ts while attempting the paper. Practising previous paper will help the students to get acquainted with the pattern and marking scheme of the paper. This will allow them to plan their strategy for the exam in a better way. Once you are done referring to CBSE previous year solved question paper of physics class 12 board, you can proceed to practice even older question papers which are available on our website.

Benefits of Solving Previous Year Question Papers for Physics 2020 Exam Preparation

A lot of students find it difficult to grasp Class 12 Physics. Scoring high in Physics require a strong grip on the concepts. Those who aspire to build a successful career in the field of engineering, medical science or research must concentrate on Class 12 Physics concepts. Class 12 Physics include fifteen chapters divided in Part 1 and 2. Class 12 Physics Paper includes both theoretical as well as numerical questions. To solve both types of problem, you would need a thorough practice. To aid your Physics preparation, we offer you free PDFs of previous year question papers for Class 12 Physics 2013-2019 that can be downloaded from Utopper’s site using the link given above. 

In case of having any difficulty in solving these papers, we also provide you with the solutions to these previous year papers. These are solved by expert Physics tutors who have years of experience teaching students to succeed in Class 12 board examination as well as competitive exams. The teachers are well-aware of the exam pattern and syllabus and hence provide the right guidance needed to clear the exam.  

Practise is the most important mantra when it comes to excelling in an exam. There is no shortcut to success and we, at , encourage students to practice as many previous year papers as possible. Solving these papers make them accustomed to the types of questions asked in last years’ paper. They also develop a habit of solving questions in an exam-like condition. It is recommended that students keep a timer while solving these papers as the exam will be time-bound. This will help you in better practice. Also, students should first try on their own to solve the questions in the papers and then refer the solutions provided by Utopper. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1:  What are the advantages of solving previous year CBSE physics papers?

Ans: Practising previous year question papers will increase the concentration and it will also make you understand how to prioritize in which question to attempt first and which are the questions that need to be attempted in the end. This builds stamina for the students on how to sit in the exam hall for three hours and focus completely on the exam paper. 

CBSE previous year physics question papers will give a clear idea about exam pattern and the nature of the questions. Students also can be aware of the critical level of the questions asked in the exam. Make sure to solve the papers in a fixed mentioned time, like in a time-bound manner. This shall improve their level of answering the questions and think quickly in the given set of time.

Q 2: What is the syllabus of CBSE Class 12 Physics?

Ans: Altogether there are 14 chapters in Class 12 Physics. Below is the list of chapters: 

  • Unit -1: Electrostatics
    1. Chapter 1: Electric Charges and Field
    2. Chapter 2: Electrostatic Potential and capacitance. 
  • Unit – 2: Current Electricity
    1. Chapter 3: Current Electricity
  • Unit – 3: Magnetic Effects of current and magnetism
    1. Chapter 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism
    2. Chapter 5: Magnetism and Matter
  • Unit – 4: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
    1. Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction
    2. Chapter 7: Alternating Current
  • Unit – 5: Electromagnetic Waves
    1. Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves
  • Unit – 6: Optics
    1. Chapter 9: Ray optics and optical instruments
    2. Chapter 10: Wave optics
  • Unit – 7: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
    1. Chapter 11: Dual nature of radiation and matter
  • Unit – 8: Atoms and Nuclei
    1. Chapter 12: Atoms
    2. Chapter 13: Nuclei
  • Unit – 9: Electronic Devices
    1. Chapter 14: Semiconductor electronics: materials, devices and simple circuits.  

Q 3: How to attempt a physics paper on the mainboard exam?

Ans: Firstly, note down all the formulas and practise them frequently to remember them by heart. Derivations play a major role in Physics. Learning the derivations of the Formulas will help you solve the questions on board with ease. Questions in the exam will be asked in a deviant way. To understand them you need to be very much perfect with the derivations of the formulas. 

Always focus mainly on the topics with a high weightage of marks. Your main concentration should be on topics like a Sound wave, Wave Optics, Modern Physics, Alternating current. Thermodynamics is a subject which is common in both the subjects of Physics and Chemistry. This is also one of the most important topics in Physics. Thorough practice with all the concepts is a must.