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200 Sweet Good Night Quotes for Peaceful Sleep and Beautiful Dreams

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In this article, you will get our best collection of 200 Sweet Good Night quotes for loved ones and friends. Also, get Attitude Quotes, Good Morning Quotes, Love Quotes, and more.

We have already given you the best “good morning Quotes“. Here are the best good night quotes, including the best bedtime sayings for her and goodnight love lines that say more than “sweet dreams.” These words show your partner that you are thinking about them right before you go to sleep. These heartfelt good-night quotes are great for every situation, whether you want to show someone you care, thank them, or just wish them a peaceful night. We’ve put together a list of 200 quotes that will make your loved ones smile before they go to sleep. Some are sweet and romantic, while others are about friendship.

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Good Night Quotes

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Sweet good night quotes

As the day comes to an end, let these sweet good night quotes tell you to relax, find peace, and enjoy the quiet of the night. They are a beautiful way to end the day and get ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Good night sleep tight, may your dreams take you on a wonderful flight.

May you dream of lovely things 😴😴and to find them real.

As you end this day, before you sleep, remember to count your blessings, not your troubles.

As you lay down to sleep, may🌕 the good Lord keep you through the night.

Take a deep breath and sleep tight while dreaming of me. Sweet dreams.

Dream sweet dreams for me; dream sweet dreams for you.

I love you past the moon and miss😴😴 you beyond the stars.

Touch your heart and shut your eyes, dream sweet dreams and sleep tight!

Sweet dreams, good night,🌙 and may your tomorrow be so bright!

I wish you to know you have been the last dream of my soul.

Let gratitude be the pillow upon🌕 which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.

By night, beloved, tie your heart to mine and let them both in dreams defeat the darkness.

To have a good night, give all😴😴 your worries, and concerns to God in prayer.

Before you fall asleep every day, say something positive to yourself.

Listen to the night sky; the🌕 mockingbird always sings you my lullaby.

To all, to each, a fair good night, And pleasant dreams and slumbers light.

Good night, sleep tight, may your 😴😴dreams take you on a wonderful flight

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A Good laugh and a long 🌜🌜sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.

Wishing you beautiful😴😴sweet dreams tonight

Sleep well tonight! God is🌙🌙bigger than anything you will face tomorrow.

Never say dreaming is useless🌙🌙, Because life is useless if you can’t dream.

A good laugh and a long⭐⭐ sleep There are two best cures for anything.

May you fall asleep in the arms🌙🌙 of a dream, so beautiful, you’ll cry when you awake.

good night quotes in Hindi

अपने सपनो को पूरा करने के लिए रात को सोना जरुरी है । इसी लिए हम आज लायें है Good Night Quotes in Hindi. तो हिंदी में लिखे गए अदभुत अनमोल वचन आपके दिलों को छू जाएंगे। ये अनूठे Quotes आपके रात को स्पेशल और मनोहारी बनाएंगे और एक शानदार सपनों से भरी नींद देंगे. आप अपने दोस्तों को भी सोते समय यह शुभ रात्रि सुविचार भेज सकतें हैं ।

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जो अपने आप को रातों रात बदलते हैं,
वही दिन के उजाले में चमकते हैं !
Good Night

बीता हुआ कल बदला नहीं जा सकता,
लेकिन आने वाला कल हमेशा आपके हाथ में होता है !
Good Night

चलो अब सोते हैं,
कल फिर एक कहानी लिखेंगे !
शुभ रात्री !

ईश्वर आपके जीवन में खुशियां भरपूर दे,
ऐसी ईश्वर से कामना है मेरी !
शुभ रात्री !

रात को मेहनत करने वाला ही,
दिन के इम्तिहान में सफल होता है !
शुभ रात्रि !

हमेशा एक सपने के साथ सो जाना,
और एक उद्देश्य के साथ जागना याद रखें !
Good Night

वक्त का काम तो है गुजरना,
बुरा है तो सब्र करो,
अच्छा है तो शुक्र करो !
Good Night

जो लोग पाँव से नहीं दिमाग से चलते हैं,
उनकी सफलता निश्चित है !
Good Night

जीवन में प्यार भी उतना ही महत्वपूर्ण है,
जितना की भोजन !
शुभ रात्रि !

अपने सपनों के ऊपर भरोसा रखो,
भविष्य सुनहरा रहेगा !
Good Night

सपनों की कीमत वही समझता है,
जो उसे पूरा करना चाहता है !
Good Night

यकीन रखिये ऊपर वाले का फैसले,
हमारे फैसलों से ज्यादा बेहतर होते हैं !
Good Night

ठोकर लगने से भले ही चीजें टूट जाती है परंतु
इंसान ठोकर लगने से हैं बनता है !
शुभ रात्रि !

इस सफर में नींद ऐसी खो गई,
हम न सोये रात थक कर सो गई !
गुड नाइट !

दीपक रात भर अँधेरे से लड़ता है तभी उजाला करता है,
तुम भी लड़ो और उजाला करो !
Good Night

उनके लिए उठना बहुत आसान होता है
जो अपना सपना पूरा करने के लिए जीते है !
शुभ रात्रि !

छोटी सी जिंदगी है हंस कर जियो,
क्योंकि लौटकर सिर्फ यादें आती है वक्त नहीं !
Good Night

जिस चीज में दिल ना लगे,
उसमें जान लगा दो !
शुभ रात्रि !

अच्छे ख्वाबो के साथ सोना,
नई उम्मीदों के साथ उठना !
Good Night

वक्त पर अपनी गलती ना मानना,
बहुत बड़ी गलती है !
Good Night

good night love quotes

Love knows no boundaries, not even the night. These good night love quotes are full of love and romance, which makes them great for showing how much you care about your partner. They catch the essence of love and make sure that the person you love goes to sleep knowing that you love and care about them.

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You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I will always love you.

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Sleep, my love, dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will forever be yours.

Day is over, night has come. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Embrace your dreams through the night. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.

As the night gets dark, let your worries fade. Sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done all you can do for the day.

Good night. Let the stars light the way to where your dreams can be found awaiting your arrival.

Because of you, I can feel myself slowly, but surely, becoming the me I have always dreamed of being.

Here is to hoping that angels will guard you while you dream and the gentle breezes of the night will keep you cool

I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.Good night

I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything.Good night

Night is thee wonderful opportunity to take rest, to forgive, to smile, to get ready for all the battles that you have to fight tomorrow.

Here is a short line to keep in touch because you’re always on my mind very much.

The night is longer than a day for those who dream, and day is longer than night for those who make their dreams come true.

As you end this day, before you sleep, remember to count your blessings, not your troubles.

Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight. What more is there to say than goodnight?

Good night. Sleep gently tonight and dream of the happiness which is sure to come to you.

I wish for you a good night, a good sleep, and when you awake with energy and passion you will abound.

The stars and moon arrive just to wish you a good night. Let the light of the moon guide your dreams as you pass the night away.

Good night! God keep you till the morning, and guard you safe from every harm.

Sweet dreams, good night, and may your tomorrow be so bright!

Good night! And sweetest dreams be thine through all their shining way, till darkness goes, and bird and rose with rapture greet the day.

Life is full of new beginnings, and a new day tomorrow brings. Sleep well.

Good night, sleep tight, awake full of joy at the morning light.

A day is going to end again. It’s nice to have a friend like you, making my every day seem so great. Good night and sweet dreams.

Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.

special good night quotes

Some nights are meant to be special, and these special good night quotes are meant to make them even more remembered. They have a magical air that makes you want to let go of your worries, find peace, and start a path of peaceful dreams and new hope.

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Life always offers you a second🌙 chance, it’s called tomorrow. Good Night!

Early sleep and early wake-up😴😴 gives health and makes you grow.

Stars can’t shine without darkness☁️☁️. Good night and sweet dreams

May this night bring you rest☁️☁️ and tranquility. Good night!

This Is the End of the day, but😴😴 soon there will be a new day! Good night

The day is over, night has come😴😴. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Good night

Understanding is an art.🌜🌜 And not everyone is an artist. Good night

An ending is always the start🌙🌙of something new! Good night

To Shine Your brightest⭐⭐ light is to be who you truly are.

Before going to sleep😴😴 every night, forgive everyone, and sleep with a clean heart.

Close your eyes think🌙🌙 of something beautiful and sleep

The darker the night, the brighter ☁️☁️the stars, the deeper the grief, the closer is God!

When I close my eyes⭐⭐, I see you. When I open my eyes, I miss you.

Hope to meet up with⭐⭐ you in my dreams. Sweet dreams, take Care!

Search your day for the🌙🌙 moments that shone brightest and give thanks for them.

Good night May you sleep🌜🌜 well and be refreshed. God bless you.

Think of all the good⭐⭐ moments of this day and keep a smile for tomorrow. Good Night!

Sweet dreams, I pray🌌🌌 you to have a restorative sleep and awaken to a renewed sense of purpose.

Thankfulness keeps😴😴 the candle of hope burning even through the darkest night.

Stay hopeful. Tomorrow ⭐⭐brings a new day. A fresh beginning! Good Night! Sweet dreams!

Whoever thinks of✨✨ going to bed before twelve o’clock is a scoundrel

Keep your worries aside⭐⭐ and follow the night with new thoughts. Good Night!

The darkest night is😴😴 often the bridge to the brightest tomorrow. Good Night.

heart touching good night quotes

When words touch the heart, they have the power to leave a lasting impact. These heartfelt good-night quotes have been carefully put together to make you feel comforted and at peace. They remind you of your worth, your dreams, and the beauty that is already inside you. This makes for a peaceful night of deep thought.

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Each night, I hope the moon is large and bright and you will be happy and right. When you turn off the light, keep in mind that I am dreaming of you.

The moon embalms me with her love and she kisses me good night. The nightingale sings her song of love when I take rest in the arms of darkness in the night!

Slow down your thoughts. Focus on your breaths. Get rid of the clutter in your mind. Prepare your body for rest. It’s time to sleep and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. Good night!

Before you fall asleep every day, say something positive to yourself.

The night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.

Don’t fight with the pillow but lay down your head and kick every worriment out of the bed.

I dream of the day when each night will end with good night and not goodbye. That day will come soon.

Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.

An ending is always the start of something new. Good night.

Good night dear I say good night to thee. Across the moonbeams, tremulous and white, bridging all space between us.

Good night now, and rest. Today was a test. You passed it, you’re past it. Now breathe ‘til unstressed.

Sweet dreams, because anything else would be just a nightmare. Good night!

For tonight, he will wonder into a glorious quest off the night, and he lay down his head, will the angels guard him. Good night and sweet dreams.

The stars sparkle and shine as you do in my life. Have a good night’s sleep.

Do not worry about tomorrow. I will always be there to set things right. Good night!

Think of all the good moments of this day and keep a smile for tomorrow. Good night!

As you fall asleep, I want you to remember what a good person you are. Remember that I admire you and care for you. Sweet dreams!

There is something to be said for the night. The darkness holds a sense of promise, as if anything could happen. Good night!

Every day and night, my mind is filled with thoughts of you. As long as the sun continues to shine, you can be sure that my heart will remain yours.

you make me proud with your words and actions, so don’t give up even if days are hard on you. You are a fighter! Sleep well now!

You may feel burdened with the worries of the world, but always end the day with positive thoughts and good vibes! Good night to you!

The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.

Life is full of new beginnings, and a new day tomorrow brings, sleep well.

You shine brighter in my life than any star in the darkness. I hope you have bright, lovely dreams tonight. Have a restful night.

As you are going to sleep, may you be surrounded by love and comfort. Here’s to a good night and a new day filled with endless possibilities. Good night.

good night quotes for friends

Friendship is a gift that can be seen even when it’s dark. These good night quotes for friends are about how close you are to them and how much they mean to you. They are a beautiful way to show your friends that you care about them even when you aren’t with them and to wish them a peaceful, happy, and dreamy night.

Good night, my dear friend! I hope you have a wonderful night of sleep. May you be whisked away in starry dreams.

Sleep well and have sweet dreams, my wonderful friend. I hope you enjoy a soothing and comforting night of sleep. May your worries be forgotten.

I am lucky to have found a friend like you. I am sending this message with lots of love. Good night friend. Have a sweet dream.

May the restful night become the source of energy for a new day in your life! Wishing you a tight sleep and good night!

The night is dark and long. I wish you a peaceful sleep which will take away all the tiredness. Good night dear. Have a sweet dream.

It feels great to have someone to wish a good night before we go to sleep. For me, it’s a double pleasure because that someone is my best friend. Good night!

If you feel lonely don’t worry. I am here to disturb you all the time. Now sleep well. Good night dear. Have a wonderful scary dream!

Sending warm hugs to help you sleep well, my friend! Sweet dreams!

In this beautiful night, I am sending a charming message to a charming person. Goodnight dear best friend. Have a nice sleep.

All I want is to wish you a good night because you are the very last thought on my mind before I go to sleep!

When the night comes, we may not be with each other anymore. But the warmth of our friendship is always there to comfort us. Good night my friend.

No need to be upset for any reason in life ever because I’m always here to have your back. Good night dear friend!

Having wonderful friends like you makes life worthwhile. Goodnight, my dear best buddy!

Enjoy the night and think about your life. You are a special gift from God. I wish you a wonderful night. Have a sound sleep dear.

My best friend, I love you for being the sunshine in my life; you brighten my world. Without you, I sometimes wonder if I would even smile. Good night.

Good night, bestie. Thank you for always being there for me. I wouldn’t survive this world without you. I love you!

You know God has given us the night to remove our stress, sadness, and tiredness. So utilize the time. Go to sleep and relax. Good night bestie.

Even if I had a bad start with my day, spending it with you magically turns it into a bright day. Good night my best friend!

As the light goes dim and the world goes silent, let your eyes and body take some rest. Make sure to make it sweet and sound. Good Night.

Sweet friend of mine, you have worked so hard throughout the day and now you deserve a solid sleep! Sleep well and good night!

When I say good night to special friends like you, it is an all-in-one wish which means Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I Miss You and See You Soon.

Dear best friend, you are the most beautiful-minded person I have ever met. I wish you a very charming and peaceful night. Good night dear.

May your night be filled with invigorating dreams and inspiring thoughts! Good night!

Let’s go to sleep my friend; I know that tomorrow is a new opportunity and we will do our best. Sweet dreams.

A tight sleep tonight is all you need to get yourself recharged for the biggest endeavors of tomorrow. Good night my friend!

good night quotes in English

English good night Quotes are the best way to say what you’re thinking and feeling in a way that everyone can understand. They have a bit of elegance and simplicity, and they capture the feeling of saying goodbye to the day and welcoming the quiet of the night. These quotes are a gentle reminder to slow down, take care of yourself, and get ready for a new day full of opportunities.

The day is over, the night is here, know that I love you today and forever, my dear.

They say that God sprinkles his blessings upon the Earth every day and I think I’ve caught one—it’s you! Wishing you a good night and I love you.

Take a deep breath and sleep tight while dreaming of me. Sweet dreams.

The day is over, it’s time for rest. Sleep well, my dear, you did your best.

I wish I was there to hold you tight, instead of just sending you this loving ‘good night.’

I wish for you a good night of sleep, sweet dreams, and a smiling morning.

You’ll be the last thing I think of before I fall asleep and the first thing I think of when I wake up.

Star Light, star bright, you are the first and last I think of tonight. Good night, my true love.

I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night.

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Go to sleep knowing that I loved you this day, and each tomorrow my love grows stronger. Good night!

The moon is full, the night is deep, nature is alive—the only thing missing is you, next to me as we sleep.

While you dream, I wish that each hope and goal comes true. I just want you to receive everything you’ve wished for.

Tonight, I would walk a thousand miles just to be with you. Missing you, my love. Good night.

Good night my dearest love and have pleasant dreams. Here’s to hope that tomorrow will be as sunny and bright as you are.

Take a look out your window now. Although we may be apart at the moment we can both gaze up at the same moon. Good night.

Night has come. It is time for you to sleep, my love, so we can be happy tomorrow as we usually are.

My mind thinks of you the second I fall asleep and as soon as I wake up each morning.

The time between good night to good morning, all poetries are mentioned by her with his love and their good memories.

Sleep well because my love is the wings to cover you and my hug and kiss are the warmth to give you pleasure. Good night.

Good night, my love. I hope you sleep well and have the best dreams. I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you in the morning.

I wonder how well you sleep at night, and what kind of dreams you have. I wish I could step into them as you step into mine. Goodnight.

Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.


Before your loved ones go to sleep, sending them meaningful good-night quotes is a great way to let them know that you care about them and are thinking about them. Whether you choose sweet and loving quotes, quotes about friendship, or words of wisdom, these heart-touching quotes are sure to make people smile and feel good. So, use these carefully chosen good-night quotes to spread love and hope, and to wish your loved ones sweet dreams.

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