Ncert Solutions For Class 4

NCERT Solutions of Class 4 for Maths, English, Hindi and EVS

NCERT Solutions for Class 4, experts at help students achieve excellent scores on annual exams All questions and answers on CBSE NCERT Books are included on this page. We have provided detailed explanations for all subject Class 4 NCERT solutions.

We have solved all problems with step-by-step solutions in an understandable language. So students with great knowledge of NCERT Solutions Class 4 math, Hindi, English and EVS can easily score on the test. Learn more about NCERT solutions for Class 4 PDF below.

Ncert Solutions For Class 4

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How Ncert Solutions For Class 4 Help You To Ace Your Exam

On this page, all questions come from step-by-step solutions. Working with NCERT Solutions for Class 4 helps students get ideas on how to solve problems. With the help of NCERT solutions for Class 4 Math, Hindi, English and you can understand basic concepts faster and easier. It’s also a complete guide to help you get a good score on your test. Click on the chapter wise links provided below to practice the NCERT solution for each chapter.

Ncert Solutions For Class 4 – All Subject Chapters

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions

1. Where can I download NCERT solutions for all classes and subjects?

NCERT solutions for all classes and subjects are available online and can also be downloaded from Detailed answers to questions in the NCERT textbook are addressed by subject matter experts at

2. What is the difference between NCERT and CBSE?

The CBSE or Central Secondary School Board is the governing board and the NCERT or the National Board of Education Research and Training is the advisor. NCERT is also known as a publishing agency or publisher. CBSE schools in India recommend NCERT textbooks to students. In short, CBSE is the Board of Directors and NCERT is the Council.

3. What is NCERT and what does it do?

The full form of NCERT is the National Education Research and Training Council. It is a self-governing organization founded in 1961 by the Government of India, aiming to support and advise central and state governments on policies and programs to improve the quality of school education. Some of NCERT’s key goals are:

To prepare, encourage and relate research in fields related to school education
Integrate and publish textbooks, supplements, newsletters, journals, digital resources and other learning materials.
Organizes teacher’s pre- and in-service training along with developing and distributing innovative teaching techniques and practices.
NCERT’s function is to conduct and support educational research and provide training in educational research methodology.

4. Is NCERT the best resource for board exams?

It is a well-known fact that NCERT books are best suited for preparing for the CBSE board exam. But, again, simply keeping the NCERT book in mind a few weeks before the exam will do nothing for students. Students should go through the NCERT books thoroughly prior to the board exam and give them ample time to practice more questions in other reference books such as RS Aggarwal, RD Sharma, etc. After studying and practicing the book, you need to solve the samples. Thesis as well as the previous year’s question paper to get an idea of the question paper pattern.

5. What is the NCERT Exemplar and where can I get a solution?

NCERT Exemplars is basically a practice book with additional questions at a higher level apart from the NCERT textbook, and is intended to provide a comprehensive and thorough learning. The NCERT example book accommodates numerous conceptual sums covering CBSE board exams as well as competitive exams such as JEE Mains and JEE advanced. Solutions to your questions or problems on NCERT Exemplar can be viewed online or downloaded from